Books and Manuscripts I’ve Edited (At Least Some of ‘Em)

The following titles are all fiction except as noted. This list includes proofreading, editing (line, copy, developmental), and authenticity reading.

Pamela Aares

Contemporary romance:

  • Aim for Love

Anna Alexander

Contemporary romance/Adventure romance:

The Sprawling A Ranch Series

  • The Cowboy Way
  • Marlboro Man
  • To Have Faith
  • Sweetest Kisses
  • Eight Seconds to Forever

Elite Metal Series

  • Adamantium’s Roar
  • Thallium’s Surrender
  • Vibranium’s Truth

Evolutioneers Series

  • Genesis
  • Instinct
  • Vengeance

Four Elements Series

  • Seasons of August, Volume 1

Tom Barry


  • When the Siren Cries

Rhonda Beardsley/Merien Grey

Contest entries


  • Heart of Stone
  • Code of Conduct

Jaclyn Belmay


  • Time Fall

Jude Bown

Contemporary romance:

  • Reel Me In
  • A Warrior’s Heart

Sandi Brackeen


  • Digging Up the Past

Aedyn Brooks


  • Dead Reckoning
  • Ready or Not

Jennifer Burrows/JG Sumner


  • Wrecked 
  • A Shot in the Dark

Russell Cahill


  • Kolea 
  • Kepa, A Hawaiian in the Wild West

Ann Charles


Dig Site Mystery Series

  • Make No Bones About It

Deadwood Mystery Series

  • Rattling the Heat in Deadwood
  • Gone Haunting in Deadwood
  • Don’t Let It Snow in Deadwood
  • Deadwood Short: Tequila and Time
  • Deadwood Short: Fatal Traditions
  • Devil Days in Deadwood 
  • Never Say Sever in Deadwood
  • TimeReaping in Deadwood

Jackrabbit Junction

  • In Cahoots with the Prickly Pear Posse
  • Jackrabbit Jingle Balls
  • Twisty Tortoise Tussles

The Deadwood Undertaker Series with Sam Lucky

  • Life at the Coffin Joint
  • A Long Way from Ordinary
  • Can’t Ride Around It

* Backside of Hades

* Hip Deep in Bad Company

AC Silly Circus Mystery Series 

  • FeralLy Funny Freakshow
  • A Bunch of Monkey Malarkey

Catherine Chase


  • Heiress Affair

Elizabeth Clements

Historical romance:

  • Beneath a Horse-Thief Moon

Carmen Cook

Romantic suspense:

Sapphire Creek Series

  • Coming In Hot
  • Coming Around
  • Coming to Call
  • Coming to Sapphire
  • Coming Home

Liz Crowe

Contemporary romance:

  • Hat Trick 

Heather Davis

YA paranormal: 

  • A Curse So Dark
  • A Forest So Deadly
  • A Light So Cruel

Wendy Delaney


  • Working Stiffs Mystery #5: Dogs, Lies, and Alibis 
  • Working Stiffs Mystery #6: No Wedding for Old Men 
  • Working Stiffs Mystery #7: Crazy, Stupid, Dead
  • Working Stiffs Mystery #8: A Kiwi Before Dying
  • Working Stiffs Mystery #9: Farewell, Mr. Lovely

Barbara DeVore

Historical romance: 

Delta Rho Chi Series

  • Darling of Delta Rho Chi
  • Rebel of Delta Rho Chi

Hal Dygert


  • Better Off Dead 

Toni Edge


  • Legend of Eve

Sam Galenorn

Urban fantasy:

  • Learning Magic

Yasmine Galenorn

Urban fantasy/paranormal:

Fury Unbound Series

  • Fury Rising
  • Fury’s Magic
  • Fury Awakened 
  • Fury Calling 
  • Fury’s Mantle

Bewitching Bedlam Series

  • Blood Music
  • Bewitching Bedlam
  • Maudlin’s Mayhem 
  • Siren’s Song
  • Tiger Tails
  • Blood Vengeance
  • Witches Wild
  • The Wish Factor
  • Casting Curses
  • Demon’s Delight

Otherworld Series

  • Bone Magic
  • Moon Shimmers
  • Knight Magic
  • Harvest Song
  • Blood Bonds

Chintz n China Series

  • Holiday Spirits
  • Well of Secrets

Indigo Court Series

  • Night Myst
  • Night Veil
  • Night Seeker
  • Night Vision
  • Night’s End
  • Night Shivers

Wild Hunt Series

  • Silver Stag
  • Oak & Thorns 
  • Iron Bones
  • A Shadow of Crows
  • Hallowed Hunt
  • The Silver Mist
  • Witching Hour (Ante-Fae 1)
  • Witching Bones (Ante-Fae 2)
  • A Sacred Magic
  • The Eternal Return
  • Sun Broken
  • Witching Moon (Ante-Fae 3)
  • Autumn’s Bane
  • Witching Time
  • Hunter’s Moon
  • Witching Fire (Ante-Fae 4)
  • Veil of Stars
  • The Antlered Crown

Hedge Dragon Series

  • The Poisoned Forest
  • Tangled Sky

Night Queen Series

  • Tattered Thorns
  • Shattered Spells
  • Fractured Flowers

Moonshadow Bay Series

  • Starlight Web
  • Moonlight Web 
  • Conjure Web
  • Harvest Web
  • Shadow Web 
  • Weaver’s Web
  • Crystal Web
  • Witches’ Web
  • Web of Danger
  • Cursed Web

* Solstice Web

* Woodland Web

* Feathered Web

* Dreamer’s Web

Magic Happens Series

  • Shadow Magic
  • Charmed to Death

Starlight Hollow Series

  • Starlight Hollow
  • Starlight Dreams

* Starlight Demons

Whisper Hollow Series

  • Autumn Thorns
  • Shadow Silence
  • The Phantom Queen

* Crow Song

* Whisper of Dreams

* The Screaming Tree

Lily Bound Series

  • Souljacker

* Soulbender

* Soulbreaker

Standalone Novellas

  • The Longest Night

Laron Glover

YA fantasy:

  • Stone in the Sword

Stacy Goodman


  • Flight 987

Heather Greye

Futuristic romantic suspense:

  • Midnight’s Pawn

* Reserved

Heather Hiestand

Romantic suspense:

  • Tempting Josie

Contemporary romance:

  • Treasure in Laguna
  • Wild Image
  • Wedding with a Baby Bump
  • The Country Star’s Valentine

Historical romance:

  • The Princess Dilemma
  • Ruin

Sci-fi romance:

  • Krinar Revenge 

Joleen James

Contemporary romance:

  • Wild About Rand
  • Wild About Lucky
  • Wild About Cam
  • One Wild Christmas
  • Love Unexpected
  • One Wild Kiss

Kris Kassady

Contemporary romance:

  • The Affair
  1. Myrlane Labertew

Young adult lesbian fantasy (partial):

  • The Thirteenth Princess 

Judith Laik

Historical romance:

  • My Funny Valentine
  • Lord Satan
  • Knight with a Violin

Katherine Lowry Logan

Historical fantasy romance:

  • The Amber Brooch

Ann Major

Contemporary romance:

  • Love with an Imperfect Maid 
  • Love with an Imperfect Bridegroom

Susan Mallery

Contemporary romance:

  • Before We Kiss 

Josie Malone/Shannon Kennedy

Paranormal romance:

Baker City Series

  • Ghost Ranch
  • Cowboy Spell
  • Ghost of the Past
  • Kindred Spirits

Historical romance:

  • A Man’s World
  • The Marshal’s Lady (originally A Woman’s Place)

Cathryn Marr (Terese Daly Ramin and Dawn Johanson)

Paranormal erotica:

Brotherhood of Shadows Series

  • Soul Keeper

Cathy McDavid

Historical romance:

  • Gate to Eden 

Crista McHugh

Contemporary romance:

Kelly Brothers Saga

  • Falling for the Wingman
  • Heart’s Game
  • Seductive Melody
  • In the Red Zone
  • Tell Me True
  • Here All Along
  • Let Your Heart Be Light
  • Searching for Billy Shakespeare

Fond Embrace Series

  • Better Together
  • Upside Down Line

Young adult:

  • Confessions of a Queen B
  • Queen B Strikes Back
  • Homecoming King and the Queen B
  • Cowboy’s Sweetheart


  • Soul for Atonement
  • Shattered Web
  • Revelation

Romantic suspense:

  • The Public Good

Denise Miller


  • Butter & Whiskey 

Danielle Monsch


  • Loving an Ugly Beast
  • Loving a Prince Charming
  • Stone Guardian
  • Cage King
  • Dream Crafter
  • Iron (as Ronin Winter)

Laura Navarre

SF/Fantasy erotica:

  • Interstellar Angel
  • Renegade Angel 
  • Atomic Angel 

Nancy Northcott

Romantic suspense:

  • Danger’s Edge
  • Mr. Never Again


Mage Series

  • Magic & Mistletoe
  • Deadly Orb


  • Magic Christmas Guy

Science fiction:

Outcast Station Series

  • New Badge
  • Gift of the Scorpions 

Camille Oster


  • Silk and Spice
  • Pirate’s Ruse

Kate Parker


The Deadly Series

  • Deadly Scandal 
  • Deadly Wedding
  • Deadly Fashion
  • Deadly Deception
  • Deadly Travel
  • Deadly Darkness
  • Deadly Cypher
  • Deadly Broadcast
  • Deadly Rescue
  • Deadly Manor
  • Deadly Gamble

The Victorian Bookshop Mystery Series

  • The Detecting Duchess
  • The Missing Boy

The Milliner Mysteries

  • Killing at Kaldaire House
  • Murder at the Marlowe Club 

Pat Pritchard/Alexis Morgan

Historical romance:

  • The Gambler 1: Luck of the Draw
  • The Gambler 2: The King of Hearts
  • Wish Upon a Hero

Luminary Society

  • Lawman for Christmas
  • Yankee Wife
  • Outlaw Groom

Heather Redmond

Historical mystery:

* Untitled

Anna Richland


  • Full Service

Jacquie Rogers

Historical romance:

  • Sleight of Heart
  • Don’t Go Snaring My Heart
  • Mail Order Ruckus
  • Mercy, Bride of Idaho
  • Idaho Fairytale Bride 
  • A Family for Polly
  • Have Wand — Will Travel
  • Aurora’s Treasure

Much Ado Series

  • Much Ado About Miners
  • Much Ado About Mustangs
  • Much Ado About Mail-Order Brides 


Honey Beaulieu Series

  • Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch (#1)
  • Sidetracked in Silver City (#2)
  • Blazing Bullets in Deadwood (#3)

Ann Roth

Contemporary romance:

  • Calendar Guys: 
  • Mr. January
  • Mr. February
  • Mr. March
  • Mr. April
  • Mr. May
  • Mr. June
  • Mr. July
  • Mr. August
  • Mr. September
  • Mr. December

Lauren Roux

Sci-fi romance:

  • Unexpected Revival

Deborah Schneider

Romantic comedy:

  • Confessions of a Domestic Goddess 
  • Confessions of a Naughty Librarian

* Three Holidays and a Wedding

Mimi Sebastian

Historical romance:

  • Devil’s Island 

Lauren Smith


  • Forbidden (Her British Stepbrother) 

Jack L. Sprague


  • Sage Brush Orphan 

Heather Stone


  • Claim Me, Baby
  • Hard Ball

Carol A. Strickland

Fantasy adventure:

  • Coin of Power

Eliana West 


  • Summer of Noelle
  • Four Holly Dates

Donna Zender

Contemporary romance:

  • Five Wishes

Zuzanna Zurek


  • The Cambrian


Nadine Feldman

Women’s fiction:

  • Deluged
  1. Alan Fleischauer


  • Annihilation: How the West Was Won and Lost, Book Two

Robert Phillips


  • Elodia’s Knife

Daniela Valenti

Paranormal romance:

The Ghosts of Evil


  1. Evelina Galang

Story collection:

  • When the Hibiscus Falls



Tiffany Allee: Contemporary

  • Temptation by Fire 

Natalie Anderson: Contemporary

  • Flirting to Win 

Amy Andrews: Contemporary

  • Taming the Tycoon 

Jennifer Apodaca: Contemporary

  • Baby Bargain

Claire Baxter: Suspense

  • Down Among Dead Men

Boone Brux: Fantasy

  • Kiss of the Betrayer

Ros Clarke: Contemporary

  • Oil Tycoon 

Natalie Damschroder:
Romantic suspense

  • Kiss of Revenge
  • Hearts Under Siege

Minta Hall: Paranormal

  • Magician of Wall Street

Jane Kindred: Fantasy

  • Midnight Court
  • Armies of Heaven

Jodi Linton: Western

  • Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy

Nicola Marsh: Contemporary

  • Not the Marrying Kind

Heather McCollum: Historical

  • Captured Heart

Michelle McLean: Historical

  • Bandit’s Stolen Heart

Abby Niles: Contemporary

  • Extreme Love

Ayesha Patel: Contemporary

  • Priya in Heels

Cathy Perkins: Romantic suspense

  • For Love or Money

Caridad Pineiro: Paranormal

  • For Love or Vengeance
  • Born to Serve
  • Born to Love
  • Die for Love

Inara Scott: Contemporary

  • Boss’ Fake Fiancee

Michelle Smart: Contemporary

  • Tempted by Trouble

Wendy Sparrow: Paranormal

  • Weakness for You


Asher Ellis


  • The Remedy

SJ Hooks


  • Absolute Beginners
  • Absolute Lovers

David Terruso

Paranormal mystery:

  • Lost Touch

(Middle Grade)

Karlyn (K.R.) Coleman

  • Off Course (Fiction)

Caitlin Donohoe

  • She Represents: 40 Women Who Are Changing Politics…and the World (Nonfiction) 

G.D. Falksen 

  • The Secret Life of Kitty Granger (YA Fiction)

Jon M. Fishman

  • Megan Rapinoe: Sports All-Stars (Nonfiction)

Margaret J. Goldstein

  • Mysteries of Alien Life (Nonfiction)
  • Mysteries of Stars (Nonfiction)

Gillia M. Olson

  • Muscles and Bones (A Repulsive Augments Reality Experience) (Nonfiction)

Manuela Santoni

  • Brontë (Graphic novel)

Steve Thueson

  • Timothy Dinoman (Graphic novel)



Clare McKay

Paranormal romance:

  • Laramie Moon

McKenna Miller

YA fantasy:

  • Wyrforra
  • Wyrling

Maggie Tideswell

Paranormal romance:

  • Goodbye, My Love


  1. William Frugé

General Fiction:

  • Uncle Ahmad’s Toys


Pam Binder: Paranormal

  • Sea Change

Teresa DesJardien: Contemporary

  • Not a Small-Town Girl

Angela Ford: Contemporary

  • The Beach List

Jolene James: Contemporary

  • Love Unexpected

Katy Lee: Contemporary

  • Table for One

Mandi McGuire: Contemporary

  • Lakeside Love

Melee McGuire: Contemporary

  • Partner in Crime

Gerri Russell: Paranormal

  • A Touch of Magic

Nichole Severn: Contemporary

  • The Search

Danica Winters: Contemporary

  • Short and Precious Time

Eliana West: Contemporary

  • Summer Sail


Lucy Broadbent: Self-Help

  • What Would Ted Lasso Do? (Partial)
  • How to be a Lioness (and Not a Panda): the Women of Ted Lasso 

Russell Cahill: Memoir

  • Tales from the Parks 
  1. Alan Fleischauer: Financial Planning
  • Reconfigurement

Jen Fry: Sport Geography

  • Dissertation on Professional Black Female Volleyball Athletes

Yasmine Galenorn: Metaphysical

  • Embracing the Moon 
  • Tarot Journeys 
  • Totem Magick

Carley Garner: Trading

  • Higher Probability Commodity Trading 
  • A Trader’s First Book of Commodities, 3d ed.
  • Trading Commodity Options with Creativity

Ann Widick Giganti: Memoir

  • Child Without a Voice, proposal 

John and Stephanie Grimm:


* The Camellia Gardens of Louisiana

Thomas W. Hamrick: Law Office

  • Contractors’ Pricing Handbook 

Jodi Healy: Parenting

  • Create a Home of Learning

Carolyn Lau: Abstract, Samples

  • Separate But Not Equal Schools

* Columbia Law School’s Earliest Black Students

* The Asians Built the Railroad—Why Not Confucius Plaza?

Josh Maher: Investing

  • Startup Wealth 

James Nelson: Government Policy 

  • Remodeling HUD

Deep Shah: Accountancy

  • Module: SFP Final Project 

Thomas Edward Smith: Social Work

  • Financial Therapy

* Reserved 

Sabine Strutz: Memoir

  • A Grief Memoir from A to Z 

Mayly Tao and Chuong Lee: Memoir

  • The American Dream, with Sprinkles 

Joe Wallin: Investing

  • Your Guide to Angel Investing 

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