2018 Rates

Hope it’s been a good year for you. A productive year. A busy, productive year!

First of all, thanks for working with me. In this constantly shifting business of indie publishing, it’s always a challenge to make sure you keep up with the changes and make sure your books are produced in a timely fashion.

In order to do so, effective January 1, 2018, I have to revise my rates (sorry!). These reflect the broad spectrum of manuscript lengths. The breakdown is more equitable, allowing those with shorter manuscripts to pay proportionally less.

The rate structure for 2018 will include rush fees (starting with $100 above basic fee) as determined by me (usual turnaround is about two to three weeks). If you want it faster, I need to rearrange other projects already in the pipeline, so keep that in mind:

# Words in manuscript, rounded to the closest thousand, for line and copy editing, up to:

  • 20,000 words – $300
  • 40,000 words – $400
  • 50,000 words – $500
  • 60-80,000 words – $600
  • 100-120,000 words – $700
  • 140-190,000 words – $800
  • For manuscripts of more than 190K, drop me a line and we’ll talk.

Proposal and synopsis: $200 (3 chapters and synopsis; this rate would be adjusted down to $150 if I edit the entire manuscript)

Developmental editing: Up to three months, $800 (and if I end up doing both dev and line/copy edits, $1,000) (again, drop me a line and we’ll talk)

Again, thanks for your business. Looking forward to working with you in the coming year!

Elizabeth MS Flynn

Looking for an editor to clean up your work?

You’ve come to the right place! I’m EMS Flynn, and I’ve been a copy editor for more than three decades. Are you looking to make sure your fiction, nonfiction, novel, article, or marketing piece is the cleanest and most concise it can be? I can help you. Over those three decades (and more), I’ve copy edited academic works, financial works, romance novels, literary short stories, high-tech manuals, comic books (well, that one was proofreading, which is very different), and more. I have a wide range of editing experience. Not only that, I’m a published author, so I’ve been on the other side of the process.

Now the numbers game…you’re nervous about having someone edit your work, and I don’t blame you. Just to make sure you and I are on the same page, you can hire me to copy edit your first ten pages or 1,500 words, whichever comes first (I call this a “shorty edit”). That’s enough for you to get an idea of my style.

Rough breakdown for 2017 rates: It’s pretty basic.

Short stories: $300. A short story is a work up to 30,000 words. More than that, we go on to:

Novella edits (about 100 pages or up to 40,000 words): $400

Full manuscript: $600 for 50,000-word manuscript on up

Nonfiction manuscript: $750 on up, depending on length

Proofreads: $300 to $500 for work that’s been published previously and you’re looking to self-publish.

I also offer line editing, which involves actually doing some story breakdown (content editing). The price for that differs according to work, so we’d have to discuss that after I see the material. Line editing doesn’t involve grammar or punctuation; it examines structure overall and problems with the story itself. I also offer developmental editing, for varying lengths of work.

Drop me a line at emsflynn@aol.com and let’s talk.