Some comments from satisfied customers:

“You’re a great editor!”—Yasmine Galenorn, New York Times best-selling author

“Thank you for your time & awesome brain. Your edits made this book rock!”—Ann Charles, author of Make No Bones About It

“As an editor, you ARE a fairy godmother! You are a writer’s dream. I’m always second-guessing myself and you caught me when I didn’t make sense or repeated myself in a slightly different way. Thank you!” —Elizabeth Clements, author of Beneath a Horse-Thief Moon

“Thoughtful, thorough, and experienced. Highly recommended!”—Heather Hiestand, author of The Marquess of Cake

“Elizabeth did a fabulous job of proofreading and line editing for me!”—Alexis Morgan, USA Today best-selling author of the Paladins series

“Fast turnaround, accurate editing, and a final proofread. Works for me!”—Jacquie Rogers, author of Mail-Order Ruckus

 “Timely, professional and accurate. Exactly what I was looking for.”—Susan Mallery, New York Times best-selling author of the Fools’ Gold series

“Eilis is a gem! She always goes the extra step to polish my manuscripts so they sparkle. Fast, professional, and precise. When other writers ask for a recommendation for an awesome copyeditor, she’s always at the top of my list.”—Crista McHugh, USA Today best-selling author of the Kelly Brothers series

“Eilis edited my historical romance and provided the right balance of edits to smooth out the rough spots and help make my writing pop!”—Mimi Sebastian, author of the Necromancer series

“Eilis’s edits made me look at each sentence and really think of the intention and purpose of each word. Totally taxing on the brain, but the work was so much stronger when finished.”—Anna Alexander, author of The Cowboy Way and The Evolutioneers Series

“I used EMS to proof my Tavonesi series and her attention to detail and on-time delivery was wonderful!” —Pamela Aares, best-selling author of The Tavonesi Series

Facebook comment to Jacquie Rogers:

“Thank you for recommending Eilis Flynn. I signed her on to edit the witchy novel I wrote with my wife Lynnie under the pen name Jaclyn Belmay. Eilis has been great! Eilis Flynn is a top-notch professional editor and ranks with the best I’ve ever worked with on both the West & East Coast. Thank you for recommending her to me.” —John Klawitter, www.johnklawitter.com

“TIME FALL is a much better book because of your superior editing abilities. I really should keep this to myself because you are a writer’s secret weapon, but I’m too grateful to be greedy.” —John Klawitter, www.johnklawitter.com

“Your thoughtful editing encourages me to think in positive ways how to make the book better. This is a rare ability, the difference between a line editor and a legendary editor. The state of the art of publishing is such that even fantastically successful writers can no longer count on their publishers for guidance. As one NY literary agent told me recently, ‘Editors don’t edit any more…they market.’ ”—John Klawitter, www.johnklawitter.com

“You are the greatest editor the world has ever known.”—John Klawitter, www.johnklawitter.com (John tends toward hyperbole.)

“As a new author, I wasn’t sure what to look for when hiring an editor. I found [Elizabeth Flynn] in the Editorial Freelancers Association database. When I read the number of books she had edited I thought I probably couldn’t afford her services, but I contacted her anyway. Best decision I have ever made. She has taken my debut novel from a work in progress to a full-fledged legitimate book. I will be using Elizabeth again. Thank you, Elizabeth!” —Stacy Goodman, author of Flight 987

“Eilis is a brilliant editor, if anyone needs one! Highly recommended!”—Laron Glover

“It was wonderful to work with Eilis Flynn! Her professional, clean editing helped me polish my story and get it ready for submission to my publisher!”—Lauren Smith (who sold her series to Hachette under the title Her British Stepbrother)

“Elizabeth is a treasure—fast and highly competent. I am so pleased with her work.”—Ann Roth, author of Heroes of Rogue Valley: Calendar Guys series

“You’re amazing!”—Ann Roth, author of Heroes of Rogue Valley: Calendar Guys series

“My editor is an amazing partner. If you need a competent and helpful editor, contact Elizabeth Flynn.”—Russell Cahill, author of Kolea and Tales from the Park

“Elizabeth was great to work with!”—Jennifer Burrows, author of Wrecked and A Shot in the Dark

“I loved the job you did on Deadly Scandal!”—Kate Parker, author of the Deadly series and the Victorian Bookshop Mysteries

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eilis. She is a consummate professional while also being friendly and easy to work with. Her editing is first rate, and I will definitely hire her again.”—Sandi Brackeen, author of Digging Up the Past

“I had the pleasure of having Elizabeth join my team as an editor. She brought a wealth of experience that only a published author with an appreciation for audience can. If you’re looking for an editor who can guide your story to be the best it can be, I recommend working with Elizabeth Flynn.”—Josh Maher, author of Startup Wealth

“For my western mainstream romances, I count on Elizabeth Flynn to pick up the pace in my stories from a draggin’ walk to a dust-flyin’, hellbent-for-election gallop and best of all, she doesn’t fix what ain’t broke!”—Josie Malone, author of Cowboy Spell

“Thank God for you, that’s all I have to say!”—Joleen James, author of the Wilding Point series

“You’re very talented and have a great knack at improving a manuscript. My story is all the better for your work on it.”—Kris Kassady, author of The Affair

“Thank you for being the Best Copy Editor ever!”—Laura Navarre, author of the Interstellar Angel series

“Thank you for being the copy editor of my dreams!

Also really interesting collaborating since you are also a writer. Some of your editing suggestions got me thinking a little differently (in a good way) about a line of dialogue or prose, so it felt a bit like a creative collaboration too!”—Laura Navarre, author of the Interstellar Angel series

“Eilis Flynn is THE best. I highly recommend her.” —Deborah Schneider, author of Confessions of a Domestic Goddess

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