Books and Manuscripts I’ve Edited (At Least Some of ‘Em)



*Reserved scheduling slot (title TK)

• All fiction except as noted 

• Includes proofreading, editing (line, copy, developmental), authenticity reading, book coaching

Pamela Aares

Contemporary romance:

• Aim for Love

Anna Alexander

Contemporary romance/Adventure romance:

The Sprawling A Ranch Series

• The Cowboy Way

• Marlboro Man

• To Have Faith

• Sweetest Kisses

• Eight Seconds to Forever

Elite Metal Series

• Adamantium’s Roar

• Thallium’s Surrender

• Vibranium’s Truth

Evolutioneers Series

• Genesis

• Instinct

• Vengeance

Four Elements Series

• Seasons of August, Volume 1

Tom Barry


• When the Siren Cries

Rhonda Beardsley/Merien Grey

Contest entries


• Heart of Stone

• Code of Conduct

Jaclyn Belmay


• Time Fall

Jude Bown

Contemporary romance:

• Reel Me In

• A Warrior’s Heart

Sandi Brackeen


• Digging Up the Past

Aedyn Brooks


• Dead Reckoning

• Ready or Not

Jennifer Burrows/JG Sumner


• Wrecked 

• A Shot in the Dark

Russell Cahill


• Kolea 

• Kepa, A Hawaiian in the Wild West

Ann Charles


Dig Site Mystery Series

• Make No Bones About It

* Reserved 2024

Deadwood Mystery Series

• Rattling the Heat in Deadwood

• Gone Haunting in Deadwood

• Don’t Let It Snow in Deadwood

• Deadwood Short: Tequila and Time

• Deadwood Short: Fatal Traditions

• Devil Days in Deadwood 

• Never Say Sever in Deadwood

* TimeReaping in Deadwood

Jackrabbit Junction

• In Cahoots with the Prickly Pear Posse

• Jackrabbit Jingle Balls

• Twisty Tortoise Tussles

The Deadwood Undertaker Series with Sam Lucky

• Life at the Coffin Joint

• A Long Way from Ordinary

• Can’t Ride Around It

* Backside of Hades

* Hip Deep in Bad Company

AC Silly Circus Mystery Series 

• FeralLy Funny Freakshow

• A Bunch of Monkey Malarkey

Catherine Chase


• Heiress Affair

Elizabeth Clements

Historical romance:

• Beneath a Horse-Thief Moon

Carmen Cook

Romantic suspense:

Sapphire Creek Series

• Coming In Hot

• Coming Around

• Coming to Call

• Coming to Sapphire

• Coming Home

Liz Crowe

Contemporary romance:

• Hat Trick 

Heather Davis

YA paranormal: 

• A Curse So Dark

• A Forest So Deadly

• A Light So Cruel

Wendy Delaney


• Working Stiffs Mystery #5: Dogs, Lies, and Alibis 

• Working Stiffs Mystery #6: No Wedding for Old Men 

• Working Stiffs Mystery #7: Crazy, Stupid, Dead

• Working Stiffs Mystery #8: A Kiwi Before Dying

* Working Stiffs Mystery #9: Farewell, Mr. Lovely

Barbara DeVore

Historical romance: 

Delta Rho Chi Series

• Darling of Delta Rho Chi

* Reserved

* Reserved

Hal Dygert


• Better Off Dead 

Toni Edge


• Legend of Eve

Sam Galenorn

Urban fantasy:

• Learning Magic

Yasmine Galenorn

Urban fantasy/paranormal:

Fury Unbound Series

• Fury Rising

• Fury’s Magic

• Fury Awakened 

• Fury Calling 

• Fury’s Mantle

Bewitching Bedlam Series

• Blood Music

• Bewitching Bedlam

• Maudlin’s Mayhem 

• Siren’s Song

• Tiger Tails

• Blood Vengeance

• Witches Wild

• The Wish Factor

• Casting Curses

• Demon’s Delight

Otherworld Series

• Bone Magic

• Moon Shimmers

• Knight Magic

• Harvest Song

• Blood Bonds

Chintz n China Series

• Holiday Spirits

• Well of Secrets

Indigo Court Series

• Night Myst

• Night Veil

• Night Seeker

• Night Vision

• Night’s End

• Night Shivers

Wild Hunt Series

• Silver Stag

• Oak & Thorns 

• Iron Bones

• A Shadow of Crows

• Hallowed Hunt

• The Silver Mist

• Witching Hour (Ante-Fae 1)

• Witching Bones (Ante-Fae 2)

• A Sacred Magic

• The Eternal Return

• Sun Broken

• Witching Moon (Ante-Fae 3)

• Autumn’s Bane

• Witching Time

• Hunter’s Moon

• Witching Fire (Ante-Fae 4)

• Veil of Stars

• The Antlered Crown

Hedge Dragon Series

• The Poisoned Forest

• Tangled Sky

Night Queen Series

• Tattered Thorns

• Shattered Spells

• Fractured Flowers

Moonshadow Bay Series

• Starlight Web

• Moonlight Web 

• Conjure Web

• Harvest Web

• Shadow Web 

• Weaver’s Web

• Crystal Web

• Witches’ Web

• Web of Danger

• Cursed Web

* Solstice Web

* Woodland Web

* Feathered Web

* Dreamer’s Web

Magic Happens Series

• Shadow Magic

• Charmed to Death

Starlight Hollow Series

* Reserved

Whisper Hollow Series

• Autumn Thorns

• Shadow Silence

• The Phantom Queen

* Crow Song

* Whisper of Dreams

* The Screaming Tree

Lily Bound Series

• Souljacker

* Soulbender

* Soulbreaker

Standalone Novellas

• The Longest Night

Laron Glover

YA fantasy:

• Stone in the Sword

Stacy Goodman


• Flight 987

Heather Greye

Futuristic romantic suspense:

• Midnight’s Pawn

Heather Hiestand

Romantic suspense:

• Tempting Josie

Contemporary romance:

• Treasure in Laguna

• Wild Image

• Wedding with a Baby Bump

• The Country Star’s Valentine

Historical romance:

• The Princess Dilemma

• Ruin

Sci-fi romance:

• Krinar Revenge 

Joleen James

Contemporary romance:

• Wild About Rand

• Wild About Lucky

• Wild About Cam

• One Wild Christmas

• Love Unexpected

• One Wild Kiss

Kris Kassady

Contemporary romance:

• The Affair

S. Myrlane Labertew

Young adult lesbian fantasy (partial):

• The Thirteenth Princess 

Judith Laik

Historical romance:

• My Funny Valentine

• Lord Satan

• Knight with a Violin

Katherine Lowry Logan

Historical fantasy romance:

 • The Amber Brooch

Ann Major

Contemporary romance:

• Love with an Imperfect Maid 

• Love with an Imperfect Bridegroom

Susan Mallery

Contemporary romance:

• Before We Kiss 

Josie Malone/Shannon Kennedy

Paranormal romance:

Baker City Series

• Ghost Ranch

• Cowboy Spell

• Ghost of the Past

• Kindred Spirits

Historical romance:

• A Man’s World

• The Marshal’s Lady (originally A Woman’s Place)

Cathryn Marr (Terese Daly Ramin and Dawn Johanson)

Paranormal erotica:

Brotherhood of Shadows Series

• Soul Keeper

Cathy McDavid

Historical romance:

• Gate to Eden 

Crista McHugh

Contemporary romance:

Kelly Brothers Saga

• Falling for the Wingman

• Heart’s Game

• Seductive Melody

• In the Red Zone

• Tell Me True

• Here All Along

• Let Your Heart Be Light

• Searching for Billy Shakespeare

Fond Embrace Series

• Better Together

• Upside Down Line

Young adult:

• Confessions of a Queen B

• Queen B Strikes Back

• Homecoming King and the Queen B

• Cowboy’s Sweetheart


• Soul for Atonement

• Shattered Web

• Revelation

Romantic suspense:

• The Public Good

Denise Miller


• Butter & Whiskey 

Danielle Monsch


• Loving an Ugly Beast

• Loving a Prince Charming

• Stone Guardian

• Cage King

• Dream Crafter

• Iron (as Ronin Winter)

* Reserved

Laura Navarre

SF/Fantasy erotica:

• Interstellar Angel

• Renegade Angel 

• Atomic Angel 

Nancy Northcott

Romantic suspense:

• Danger’s Edge

• Mr. Never Again


Mage Series

• Magic & Mistletoe

• Deadly Orb


• Magic Christmas Guy

Science fiction:

Outcast Station Series

• New Badge

• Gift of the Scorpions 

Camille Oster


• Silk and Spice

• Pirate’s Ruse

Kate Parker


The Deadly Series

• Deadly Scandal 

• Deadly Wedding

• Deadly Fashion

• Deadly Deception

• Deadly Travel

• Deadly Darkness

• Deadly Cypher

• Deadly Broadcast

• Deadly Rescue

• Deadly Manor

The Victorian Bookshop Mystery Series

• The Detecting Duchess

• The Missing Boy

The Milliner Mysteries

• Killing at Kaldaire House

• Murder at the Marlowe Club 

Pat Pritchard/Alexis Morgan

Historical romance:

• The Gambler 1: Luck of the Draw

• The Gambler 2: The King of Hearts

• Wish Upon a Hero

• Luminary Society:

            • Lawman for Christmas

            • Yankee Wife

            • Outlaw Groom

Heather Redmond

Historical mystery:

* Untitled

Anna Richland


• Full Service

Jacquie Rogers

Historical romance:

• Sleight of Heart

• Don’t Go Snaring My Heart

• Mail Order Ruckus

• Mercy, Bride of Idaho

• Idaho Fairytale Bride 

• A Family for Polly

• Have Wand — Will Travel

• Aurora’s Treasure

Much Ado Series

• Much Ado About Miners

• Much Ado About Mustangs

• Much Ado About Mail-Order Brides 


Honey Beaulieu Series

• Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch (#1)

• Sidetracked in Silver City (#2)

• Blazing Bullets in Deadwood (#3)

Ann Roth

Contemporary romance:

• Calendar Guys: 

            • Mr. January

            • Mr. February

            • Mr. March

            • Mr. April

            • Mr. May

            • Mr. June

            • Mr. July

            • Mr. August

            • Mr. September

             Mr. December

Lauren Roux

Sci-fi romance:

• Unexpected Revival

Deborah Schneider

Romantic comedy:

• Confessions of a Domestic Goddess 

• Confessions of a Naughty Librarian

* Three Holidays and a Wedding

Mimi Sebastian

Historical romance:

• Devil’s Island 

Lauren Smith


• Forbidden (Her British Stepbrother) 

Jack L. Sprague


• Sage Brush Orphan 

Heather Stone


• Claim Me, Baby

• Hard Ball

Carol A. Strickland

Fantasy adventure:

• Coin of Power

Eliana West 


• Summer of Noelle

• Four Holly Dates

Donna Zender

Contemporary romance:

• Five Wishes

Zuzanna Zurek


• The Cambrian


Nadine Feldman

Women’s fiction:

• Deluged

E. Alan Fleischauer


• Annihilation: How the West Was Won and Lost, Book Two

Robert Phillips


• Elodia’s Knife

Daniela Valenti

Paranormal romance:

The Ghosts of Evil


M. Evelina Galang

Story collection:

• When the Hibiscus Falls



Tiffany Allee: Contemporary

• Temptation by Fire 

Natalie Anderson: Contemporary

• Flirting to Win 

Amy Andrews: Contemporary

• Taming the Tycoon 

Jennifer Apodaca: Contemporary

• Baby Bargain

Claire Baxter: Suspense

• Down Among Dead Men

Boone Brux: Fantasy

• Kiss of the Betrayer

Ros Clarke: Contemporary

• Oil Tycoon 

Natalie Damschroder: 
Romantic suspense

• Kiss of Revenge

• Hearts Under Siege

Minta Hall: Paranormal

• Magician of Wall Street

Jane Kindred: Fantasy

• Midnight Court

• Armies of Heaven

Jodi Linton: Western

• Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy

Nicola Marsh: Contemporary

• Not the Marrying Kind

Heather McCollum: Historical

• Captured Heart

Michelle McLean: Historical

• Bandit’s Stolen Heart

Abby Niles: Contemporary

• Extreme Love

Ayesha Patel: Contemporary

• Priya in Heels

Cathy Perkins: Romantic suspense

• For Love or Money

Caridad Pineiro: Paranormal

• For Love or Vengeance

• Born to Serve

• Born to Love

• Die for Love

Inara Scott: Contemporary

• Boss’ Fake Fiancee

Michelle Smart: Contemporary

• Tempted by Trouble

Wendy Sparrow: Paranormal

• Weakness for You


Asher Ellis


• The Remedy

SJ Hooks


• Absolute Beginners

• Absolute Lovers

David Terruso

Paranormal mystery:

• Lost Touch

(Middle Grade)

Karlyn (K.R.) Coleman

• Off Course (Fiction)

Caitlin Donohoe

• She Represents: 40 Women Who Are Changing Politics…and the World (Nonfiction) 

G.D. Falksen 

• The Secret Life of Kitty Granger (YA Fiction)

Jon M. Fishman

• Megan Rapinoe: Sports All-Stars (Nonfiction)

Margaret J. Goldstein

• Mysteries of Alien Life (Nonfiction)

• Mysteries of Stars (Nonfiction)

Gillia M. Olson

• Muscles and Bones (A Repulsive Augments Reality Experience) (Nonfiction)

Manuela Santoni

• Brontë (graphic novel)

Steve Thueson

• Timothy Dinoman (graphic novel)



Clare McKay

Paranormal romance:

• Laramie Moon

McKenna Miller

YA fantasy:

• Wyrforra

• Wyrling

Maggie Tideswell

Paranormal romance:

• Goodbye, My Love


E. William Frugé

General Fiction:

• Uncle Ahmad’s Toys


Pam Binder: Paranormal

• Sea Change

Teresa DesJardien: Contemporary

• Not a Small-Town Girl

Angela Ford: Contemporary

• The Beach List

Jolene James: Contemporary

• Love Unexpected

Katy Lee: Contemporary

• Table for One

Mandi McGuire: Contemporary

• Lakeside Love

Melee McGuire: Contemporary

• Partner in Crime

Gerri Russell: Paranormal

• A Touch of Magic

Nichole Severn: Contemporary

• The Search

Danica Winters: Contemporary

• Short and Precious Time

Eliana West: Contemporary

• Summer Sail


Russell Cahill: Memoir

• Tales from the Parks 

E. Alan Fleischauer: Financial Planning

• Reconfigurement

Jen Fry: Sport Geography

• Dissertation on Professional Black Female Volleyball Athletes

Yasmine Galenorn: Metaphysical

• Embracing the Moon 

• Tarot Journeys 

• Totem Magick

Carley Garner: Investing

• Higher Probability Commodity Trading 

• A Trader’s First Book of Commodities, 3d ed.

• Trading Commodity Options with Creativity

Ann Widick Giganti: Memoir

• Child Without a Voice, proposal 

John and Stephanie Grimm:


The Camellia Gardens of Louisiana

Thomas W. Hamrick: Law Office

• Contractors’ Pricing Handbook 

Jodi Healy: Parenting

• Create a Home of Learning

Carolyn Lau: Abstract, Samples

• Separate But Not Equal Schools

* Columbia Law School’s Earliest Black Students

* The Asians Built the Railroad—Why Not Confucius Plaza?

Josh Maher: Investing

• Startup Wealth 

James Nelson: Government Policy 

• Remodeling HUD

Deep Shah: Accountancy

• Module: SFP Final Project 

Thomas Edward Smith: Social Work

• Financial Therapy 

* Reserved

* Reserved 

Sabine Strutz: Memoir

• A Grief Memoir from A to Z 

Mayly Tao and Chuong Lee: Memoir

• The American Dream, with Sprinkles 

Joe Wallin: Investing

• Your Guide to Angel Investing