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An Editor’s View of World-Building for Writers

If you’re writing fiction, you’ve got to build a world for your characters. Sometimes it’s easy to cheat; it’s the street you grew up on when you were a kid, or it’s a famous place. But wherever you want your characters to reside, you have to tell your readers about it – where it is, when it is, how it feels to live and work there, what the physics are like, what it smells like, and (very important!) whether the food is any good.

I’ll help writers of every age and skill level understand the essential parts of world-building. My overview will help writers meet the editor and agent test – which will ultimately enable writers to populate the minds and imaginations of their readers with a fiction as real as the world in which we live.

From Westeros to West Hollywood, I’ll help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your genre. You’ll then be able to identify those strengths and use them to tell the story you want to tell. I’ll touch on fantastic places and characters as seen in comics, games, movies, and novels of every kind.

Tune into Discord on Monday April 19 at 6pm Eastern (that’s 2200 GMT, 3 pm on the US West Coast). You don’t even have to join. It’s part of Discord’s Writers of Strange Fiction monthlong online convention!